Our consulting services enable organizations by setting up and managing program office and governance for IT projects. We also work on widening product parameter baselines to minimize the time and effort required for customization, and adopt premium practices and processes to optimize resource deployment across projects.

Program Management

LBO Technology Program Managers oversee the operational aspects of an ongoing project and are responsible for leading, organizing, budgeting, and managing staff. Our program managers excel at supervising program execution, recruiting and training staff, providing updates on project status, and ensuring the program schedule is respected. We require that all of our program managers are skilled in analytical thinking, leadership, time management, excellent communication and organizational skills, and computer competencies.




  • Daily program management throughout the program life cycle

  • Defining the program governance (controls)

  • Planning the overall program and monitoring the progress

  • Managing the program’s budget

  • Managing risks and issues and taking corrective steps

  • Coordinating the projects and their inter-dependencies

  • Managing and utilizing resources across projects

  • Managing stakeholders’ communication

  • Aligning the deliverables (outputs) to the program’s “outcome” with the aid of the business change manager

  • Managing the main program documentation such as the program initiation document